Winmau Darts Launch 2019

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Winmau 2019 Product Launch


Darts - Winmau


Winmau is synonymous with the world of darts since 1945 and today launched the 2019 range with what I believe is the right direction for darts.  They have products that are geared to new players as well as a younger demographic with there new clothing range and accessories, the sizes are smaller is the dead giveaway.

We will be doing reviews on the products when we can get our hands on them, so this post is just a heads up as to what they have launched.




From all the launch material the 2019 Winmau range of darts has a fresh look about them vibrant and well designed, with a nice set dedicated to Trina Gulliver MBE. There is a special edition Daryl Gurney set that look nice in both steel and softip.



Training Aids

Now you have your darts and if you are starting out training is the key to success, just like the pro’s and Winmau is one company that really helps the beginner or the seasoned player wanting to keep sharp.

From the Simon Whitlock rings to the Upgrade Kit Improvement Pack you are well on the way to hitting 180 more consistently.


Flights and Shafts


With Darts like any sport, there are ways to tinker and flights and shafts are the way to do it in darts.




The final string to the bow shirts to play in, bags and jackets point pullers and clear as day dartboard lights Winmau has it all in their 2019 range.


So as you can see the launch for 2019 has been quite extensive for Winmau, The Darts Place would like to thank Winmau darts for allowing us to use their images.


Here are a few more darts that were released today.


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