Harrows Duzza Series 2 Glen Durrant Darts 24g – Review

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Harrows Duzza Series 2 Glen Durrant Darts 24g

$89.95 rrp








  • Well Designed
  • Comes with a case
  • Nice Grip


  • Balance
  • Needs a solid throw



Harrows worked closely with their Champ Glen Durrant, to create his new, impressive darts. Glen wanted extra grip in particular areas, so the groove width and depth was increased to achieve what Glen Durrant says offers him the perfect balance between grip and release control.

Glen also wanted the darts to reflect his image, so Harrows have added their new, vivid red metallic coating, as well as a splash of white paint, to create this stunning set of quality tungstens.

The finished darts are match weighed to +/- 0.05 grams and teamed with Supergrip shafts and Duzza flights.


Barrel Dimensions:

24g50.00 mm6.50 mm
26g50.00 mm6.70mm




Our Test Darts are the 24 gram, setup with Target short spin shafts and Robson flights


As part of the Harrows range two-time BDO world champion Glen Durrant darts where appropriate to test. At first out of the box with the flights and shafts that they come with seemed not to bad to throw, I normally play with 25- gram or 24-gram darts so these should be no different.

Well, they were I am used to a nice balanced dart that has an easy throwing feel to them, for me these don’t, I feel that I have to force my throw, more like an attacking throw.

When I changed to the set up above it was more prominent, don’t get me wrong these are a very well dart, with a nice feel to the barrel and would suit a player with a hard aggressive action. Having said that, maybe I will try the 26 grams at the LDS, it might be the answer.


Overall a nice dart from Harrows with a great balance of weight along the barrel, where do the sit? At this price point anyone keen to use tungsten darts that normally throw the weight of 22,24 and 26 grams, then you have a nice dart at a great price point.


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